My 600E BWfbl


tommy158: these look very cool !!!! nobody took the plunge yet ???? seems like a decent deal for 749. !!!!! Sept 2, 2013 14:24:52 GMT -4
tommy158: I am talking about the innova 600 combo kit at rc aerodyne Sept 2, 2013 14:36:03 GMT -4
Dr. Evil: Hey Tommy, yeah...agreed. I am sure plenty of ppl has already picked up this heli but probably hasn't join the lounge to talk about it. We may find posts on other forums about it I am sure..... Sept 5, 2013 8:09:04 GMT -4
doconeheli2: For sale: chaos FBL 700E . If interested, send a pm. Offer me a price on it. There is no electronics or motor. Just airframe and many spare parts. Lynx upgrades. Can send pics. Sept 16, 2013 11:54:26 GMT -4
Dr. Evil: Whats new Lounge members??? :) Oct 28, 2013 8:31:49 GMT -4
allspunup: Just stopping in to say hello! Flew the sim for the first time in months today. Hope everyone is well! Up to 419 members!! That's awesome guys! Nov 3, 2013 17:16:29 GMT -4
Dr. Evil: @ allspunup, hey bro....long time! Glad you stopped by, it has been awhile for sure.....don't be a stranger! :) Nov 4, 2013 8:23:14 GMT -4
Dr. Evil: Happy Thanksgivings everyone! :) Nov 27, 2013 18:53:26 GMT -4
Dr. Evil: It's starting to look alot like Christmas...everywhere you fly! Whats everyone's plan for the holidays? Dec 19, 2013 19:06:47 GMT -4
Jonathan Ott: I started a thread, but anyone know the status of the Chaos 700V2? Dec 22, 2013 12:45:26 GMT -4
giby1: Hi Guys & Gals, Mar 1, 2014 17:26:49 GMT -4
giby1: New guy here. Kind of new to heli's amd the electrics still throw me. Just ordered a Chaos 600 witha BO-105 for fuselage. Just wondering if there are any other "Old Farts" out there. Probably will be asking for all kinds of help with this project. Mar 1, 2014 17:31:00 GMT -4
giby1: Have been into fixed wing for about 20 yrs and just decided I needed a challenge/ Got what I wished for. Have a Great one. Giby1 Mar 1, 2014 17:33:27 GMT -4
Dr. Evil: Welcome giby1 Mar 3, 2014 14:14:07 GMT -4
git er done: Hello to all chaos 600 e t/t owners, any one know what main and auto rotation gears are interchangeable with align, I would like to go with the new upgraded main and auto gears by align Mar 17, 2014 16:40:26 GMT -4
Dr. Evil: git er done, you should post this question in the "Chaos 600" threads. I don't think too many ppl looks at this section. As far as your question goes, are you asking if the Trex main/auto gears will fit the Chaos? Mar 19, 2014 10:08:35 GMT -4
seaviper: <--new guy. Happy to be aboard. Jun 11, 2014 10:38:31 GMT -4